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support in schools

we believe in building positive foundations for children and young people. our mission is to support the education system so teachers, students and parents alike can work together to build brighter prospects for future generations

Educational Workshops

Young people are at critical age where they reach a fork in the road and choices are made that can shape their future in a positive or negative way.  

Our educational workshops presents facts and consequences across a range of life issues, including:

Substance Abuse

Managing Feelings 

Understanding Anxiety 

We can also match whatever is on your curriculum in relation to mental health and wellbeing.

Support for Parents

There's demand to run Group Support for parents struggling with children whose behaviour or chosen actions can be challenging for them.


This forum allows parents to share feelings and challenges, whilst connecting with other parents who may be experiencing the same struggles.

Our groups are facilitated by a counsellor and co-facilitator to ensure parents are held and supported with experience and compassion.

Support for Teachers

We also extend our Group Support and 1-2-1 counselling for teachers.


We recognise the added pressure and stress that can come with teaching, and we want to ensure teachers are held and supported so they can feel confident and at their best.


Our Group Support provides a platform for teachers to express their feelings, share any challenges and experiences, whilst gaining encouragement and support from other teachers. 

Counselling Support

We are available for 1-2-1  counselling for students, teachers, as well as parents.


We also can offer family / relationship therapy. This is to help parents and children find their voices and discover ways to build better bridges for honest communications whilst considering each other's feelings.

We can run counselling sessions either in school or alternatively we can arrange other safe environments, if required.