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clear rising


Founder & Humanistic Consultant

Richard has worked as an award winning psychotherapist and psychological wellness advisor for over 15 years.


He now brings his expertise and ability for deep empathic understanding into the world of business and marketing to provide solutions that taps into the unmet needs of clients and customers. Richard strongly believes this is a missing link in businesses today and that a more holistic approach can drive fresh ideas and innovation.

Richard is a practicing Buddhist and incorporates its philosophy into how he works with businesses. 


Founder & Humanistic Consultant

Michelle has worked in business & marketing for nearly 20 years,  providing insight, business development and strategic solutions across many sectors.


Michelle completed her Level 5 in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Diploma and has seen the benefit of applying psychology to provide holistic insight and enhanced creativity for businesses and marketing solutions. She practices Buddhism and believes in its philosophy, using its principles to help shape a new experience when working with businesses and individuals.

We are CLEAR RISING Consultancy - A growing team of conscientious individuals who are committed to equipping you and your business with the appropriate tools to empower your team and ultimately help your business thrive as a collective.

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