Sometimes we feel stuck, experience challenges

in the workplace and need support with personal 

development and self-awareness to help work smarter.


Our background and experience in psychology mean we provide individual or group coaching to address workplace performance issues; helping team members, managers and senior leaders gain clarity on their obstacles, find a resolution and discover newfound confidence to deliver greater productivity, motivation, and goals.

We additionally offer skills development workshops to help teams work better together:

  • Empathic skills and ability 

  • Active listening skills

  • Better communication

  • Building connections 

  • Assertiveness & Boundaries 

Workplace motivation

Do you have concerns around the motivation of your workforce and are seeing this impacted through their behavior, mentality, wellbeing, and productivity? 

We work with empathy and psychology to get to the heart of what the issues are within your workforce, understand the challenges, as well as looking at the positives because we believe it is important to

celebrate your successes.

What we offer: 

  • Insight into how your workforce is feeling (through surveys, workshops, one-on-one sessions)

  • Produce an insights report with our analysis 

  • Provide recommendations on how to improve motivation and increase productivity. These will be unique to your organisation based on our findings.

Mental health wellbeing

How far are you willing to go to help another? The question you need to be investigating is WHY?​ Why are people experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression at work?

Work-place suffering can lead to life-threatening consequences that certain members of staff at Clear Rising Consultancy have personally endured.  Their experience, empathic understanding and willingness

to share their stories makes for powerful, often painful listening and provides the platform for learning, interacting and self-reflection amongst employers

and employees. 


We provide psychological expertise and 20 years of experience working in mental health environments.

This puts us in a more than qualified position to support businesses that are looking to encourage mental and emotional wellbeing

in the workplace.  

We can support awareness, education and more personalised support through:

  • Psychoeducation workshops  

  • Individual support for employers and employees

  • Production of educational resources 

  • Production of Mental Health policies

  • Supervision for Mental Health First Aiders

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