If you have found your way here, it most likely

means you are looking for support either for

yourself or for another. 

The Challenge

We recognise that living in today's world has

added extra pressure to our daily survival. This can

lead to self-neglect and we find ourselves relying

more on our defence mechanisms and coping

strategies to deal with day-to-day struggles, whether

this be present-day problems or issues from our past. 



We wanted to create service that could provide therapeutic support across the core life pillars.

Our Belief

We believe that every individual has the ability to

reach their fullest potential. What does this mean exactly? Throughout our lives, we experience and receive messages that shape our thought

processes about how we perceive ourselves,

others and the world around us. 

Negative experiences - whether big or small -

can impact the way we live our lives, affect how

we interact with others and how we treat ourselves. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Clear Rising is to help alleviate

negative messages, perceptions and the

conditions that cause suffering for individuals. 


This suffering can ripple over into other areas of life

such as family, relationships, friends and work. ​This is

why we have set up wellbeing services that support

you through:

  • counseling (face-to-face in Somerset, or via video call across the UK) 

  • connecting like-minded souls through group support

  • bringing conscious awareness and wellbeing into the workplace 

  • supporting educational institutions to ensure help can be accessed by students, teachers, and parents


Our Solution

We offer experienced help that is based on:

  • Compassion, empathy and a non-judgemental approach   

  • Professional guidance that delivers clarity and positivity to move forward in life with confidence 

Your Outcome

Our entire ethos is based on building a more

personal connection with who you truly are, working towards loving and trusting your inner essence. 


Let us help you to free yourself from old messages

that have kept you captive, and only causes

pain and suffering. Give yourself the chance to

become the person you always wanted to be.

This takes work. But with people who understand

with care and experience, these goals and

aspirations are achievable.  


Founder & Wellbeing Consultant

Michelle is a trainee counsellor who has previously 

worked in business & marketing for nearly 20 years.

Michelle has experienced the benefits of therapy

and wellbeing, releasing herself from old conditions and moving towards greater awareness, esteem, confidence and finding a belief in herself. She practices Buddhism and believes in its philosophy, using its principles to help shape a new experience for

working with businesses and individuals.


Founder & Wellbeing Consultant

Richard has worked in mental health for over 13 years.

He is an integrative counsellor with a wealth of experience in helping people with a range of mental health issues, including having specialised in addiction.

Richard is a practicing Buddhist and incorporates its philosophy into his practice. He wanted to build a service that encompasses all the different aspects

of suffering and mental health, using a holistic, compassionate approach.

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